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BASTARDAS I BOADA, ALBERT  (General Linguistics Dept, UB); MASSIP I BONET, ÀNGELS (Catalan Philology Dept, UB); MARTORELL FABREGAT, XAVIER (UAB); LABRAÑA BARRERO, SABELA (UB);  LÓPEZ MORRÀS, XAVIER (UB); LABORDA GIL, XAVIER (General Linguistics Dept, UB); DIEGUEZ VIDE, FAUSTINO (General Linguistics Dept, UB); TUSON VALLS, JESÚS (General Linguistics Dept, UB); SERRANO FARRERA, SEBASTIÀ (General Linguistics Dept, UB); BALLARIN GAROÑA, JOSEP-MANUEL (UB); ALBERO ANDRÉS, MAGDALENA (Journalism and Media Studies Department, UAB); MELIÀ GARÍ, JOAN (University of the Balearic Islands); PUIG GIRALT, ENRIC (UAB); SOLER CARBONELL, JOSEP (General Linguistics Dept, UB); BRETXA RIERA, VANESSA (Sociology Dept, UB)




PhD in Sociolinguistics (Université  Laval, Quebec) and of Catalan Philology (University of Barcelona). He is currently an ICREA Academia researcher and professor in the General Linguistics Department in UB, where he is in charge of Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Ecology and Politics subjects. He has been researcher or visiting professor in the Indianan University (Bloogminton) and in the Californian University (Berkeley), in the United States of America, and in the University of Alberta (Edmonton), the Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) and York University (Toronto) in Canada. He is also co-founder and former director in CUSC (Sociolinguistics and Communication University Center) and coordinator in the ‘Complexity, Communication and Linguistic Group’ in the University of Barcelona. He is an editorial advisor in ‘Treballs de sociolingüística catalana’ and ‘Revista de llengua i dret’ magazines. He belongs to the Catalan Society of Sociolinguistics, the Catalan Association of Sociology, the International Pragmatics Association, the Research Committee on Sociolinguistics from ISA (International Sociological Association), the Research Committee on Language and Politics de l’IPSA (International Political Science Association), the Association pour la pensée complexe and the Red de Conocimiento Abierto de la Complejidad (REDCOM). He has promoted the use of the complexity approach to the Sociolinguistics through the language ecology and a holistic linguistics mainly.



PhD in Catalan Philology in University of Barcelona (1994), where she was also graduated in Spanish Philology (1986). She is professor in the Department of Catalan Philology in this university. In the research field, she has been interested in the Catalan dialectology (‘Diatopia i canvi lingüístic. Scripta i variació dialectal’ [Dystopia and linguistic change. Scripta and dialectal variation, FFI2009-12627] and historical linguistics. She takes part in the project of the old Catalan grammar creation (FFI2009-13065), by the University of Valencia and the University of Alicante. She also takes part in the ALiR (Atlas Linguistique Roman) and IVITRA groups.

Moreover, she is the main researcher on the project with reference FFI2009-12627, which has been mentioned above, and she is part of the Study Group of the variation, with the reference number 2005SGR-01046, funded by DURSI (the Autonomous Government of Catalonia). Since 1993, she teaches a doctoral course, ‘Theory of the Variation’, which was changed to ‘Science, Variation and Linguistics’ in 1999, in which she developed proposals for theoretical linguistics within the science of complexity and taking into account the current contributions of cognitive science.

She has organized several courses at the University of Barcelona on Complexity: Complexity, Life and Intellect in the Today’s World: a New Approach to Science and the Humanities’ (2006) and ‘Mechanisms of Meaning Construction: Construction, Deconstruction?’ (2007). She has also organized and coordinated the cycle of conferences in CosmoCaixa-Science Museum of Barcelona [‘A living Being Called Language: Complexity and Word’ (2009), in which she spoke about "Language and Languages: from the Meaning to the Code’] and the summer course (July in UB, 2011): ‘Communication and Cognitive Science: a Complex Perspective." She has also been in charge of the ‘International Symposium on Languages ​​and Complexity’ (2010) at UB. Furthermore, she has participated in the coordination of the cycle called Videoconferencias sobre complejidad [Videoconferences about complexity], on 30 and 31 May 2011, conducted between the University of Barcelona, ​​Cele, UNAM / UAM-Iztapalapa / University of Sonora, Hermosillo, with the conference ‘Complexity as an Analysis and Interpretation Framework in the New Era World. A View from Education’.


PhD in Comunication and Education in Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana, USA) and in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is professor in the Journalism and Communication Science Department in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has been professor or visiting researcher in the University of California (Berkeley, USA) and in the University of Alberta (Edmonton), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) and the York University (Toronto) in Canada. She has been taken part in several Spanish and European research projects, such as ‘CivicWeb’ and ‘Mediarelate’. She is working about media and socialization processes, from the sociocognitive complexity approach. Her latest publications are the following: Televisión, violencia y sexo en la adolescencia [Television, Violence and Sex in the Adolescence] (Barcelona: Octaedro, 2011), and Internet, jóvenes y participación cívico-política [Internet, Young People and Civic-political Participation] (Barcelona: Octaedro, 2010).



Ph.D. in Hispanic Philology in the University of Barcelona, where she was graduated and  obtained her European Official Title as an expert in Spanish as a foreign language in the professional fields. She has extensive training in philosophy and she is currently an associate professor at the University of Barcelona and at the International University of Catalonia, at the faculties of Teacher Training and Education, respectively.
She also belongs to the Complexity, Communication and Sociolinguistics Group and she is a member of Speech Melodic Analysis Group directed by Dr Francisco José Cantero Serena in the applied phonetics lab, and of IDOSINPRAG: Innovation Teaching Group of Spanish Syntax and Pragmatics, whose members are designing and developing an online linguistics dictionary under the coordination of Dr Mar Garachana Camarero.




She is graduated in Sociology and obtained the Diploma in Advanced Studies in sociology by the University of Barcelona. She is doing the PhD in sociology. Her doctoral thesis’ title is: ‘Change of the educational stage: the linguistic and cultural practices of the adolescents from Mataró’. She also takes part in the project called ‘RESOL-Resocialization and languages: the linguistic effects of the transition from the primary to secondary education’ (HUM2006-05860), whose main researcher is Dr F. Xavier Vila-Moreno. She has received a scholarship from Jaume Bofill Foundation and an award from Sabadell Saving Bank in order to complete her thesis. Nowadays, she is a researcher ath the University Center of Sociolinguistics and Communication at the University of Barcelona (UB-CUSC) since 2004. She has been a visiting researcher at the Centre on Catalan Studies —School of Modern Languages— Queen Mary, University of London and at CREFO —Centre de recherches en éducation franco-ontarienne, University of Toronto, Canada. She is a member of the editorial board of the LSC- Revista Llengua, Societat i Comunicació magazine. She also belongs to the Catalan Association of Sociology and the Catalan Society of Sociolinguistics.



PhD in Romance Philology (general linguistics) in the University of Barcelona. He is a current professor in the Linguistics Department at the University of Barcelona and he is focused on teaching and researching in Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics fields. In addition, he takes part in the Complexity, Communication and Sociolinguistics Group and in the project associated to IMAS of the Mar Hospital in Barcelona (‘Adaptació i estandardització d’instruments verbals bàsics i cognitius (neuronorma.cat) per al diagnòstic de pacients neurològics en llengua catalana’) [Adaptation and Standaritzation of basic and cognitive verbal instruments (neuronorma.cat) for the neurologic patients’ diagnostic in Catalan]. He has also participated in the projects called ‘Efectes del tractament en r-TPA en l’evolució de les afàsies’ [Effects of the treatment in r-TPA in the aphasia evolutions] and ‘Projecte EM-Line’ [EM-Line Project], which are linked to the Biomedical Institute of the Josep Trueta University Hospital in Girona.


PhD in Romance Philology (general linguistics) in the University of Barcelona. He is professor of the Linguistics Department in the University of Barcelona and in the Municipal School of Expression and Psychomotor Activity Carme Aymerich in Barcelona. He has also been a professor of Spanish language and literature and his teaching and research activity is focused on the linguistics history, pragmatics and rhetoric and on applied fields such as the interpersonal and institutional communication.



PhD in Linguistics in the University of Barcelona, where she was also graduated in Romance Philology (Galician and Portuguese). She is a professor of the Romance Philology Department (Section of Galician and Portuguese Studies) of this university. Her research career is focused on Experimental Phonetics and Sociolinguistics. She is also a researcher in the Phonetics Lab in the UB since 1997 and in the Sociolinguistics and Communication University Center (CUSC-UB) since 2005 and belongs to the International Association of Estudos Galegos since 1997. Nowadays, she is taking part in the project ‘Globalización, intercomunicación y lenguas propias en las comunidades lingüísticas medianas’ [Globalization, intercommunication and the own languages in the medium-sized language communities] (FFI2009-10424), whose main researcher is Albert Bastardas-Boada. She also takes part in the projectHacia una geoprosodia del catalán y del castellano en las zonas de habla catalana y del castellano en Murcia [AMPERCAT]’ [Towards Catalan and Spanish geoprosody in the zones of Catalan and Spanish speech in the Murcia [AMPERCAT]] (FFI2009-09309), whose main researcher is Eugenio Martinez-Celdrán. She takes part in educational innovation projects aimed at multilingual education EuroComRom (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main) and Eurom8 (University of Barcelona). She promoted and directed a project called ‘Proxecto Galaudafor intercultural education in the secondary schools in Catalonia and Galicia.


He is graduated in Computer Science and General Linguistics at the University of Barcelona and he is studying a master in education now. He collaborated on several research projects at UB and UPC. Nowadays, he is working with the Complexity, Communication and Sociolinguistics Group, in which he was awarded with a scholarship in 2009, and in the project called ‘Diatopia i canvi lingüístic.  Scripta i variació dialectal’ [Diatopy and linguistic change. Scripta and dialect variation] in Historical Linguistics (HUM2005-02821/TALL, of the Directorate-General Research of the old Education and Science Ministry), with Dr Angels Massip. He has also worked as an assistant researcher in the development of an information extraction system with Dr Xavier Carreras and Dr Ariadne Quattoni for the project Localot (UPC).

He has worked in the field of Natural Language Processing and business and education application programming. His current interests are focused on the complexology, ICT and education.


Degree in Spanish Philology (1978) and Doctor of Catalan Philology (1996) in the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). He was professor of Secondary Education and professor of the Department of Catalan Philology and General Linguistics at the University of the Balearic Islands.

His work area has been focused on sociolinguistics, language teaching and language planning. Among other works, he is the author of La llengua dels joves: comportaments i representacions lingüístics dels adolescents mallorquins [The language of youth: adolescent behavior and linguistic representations] (1997), Proposta de model de llengua per a l'escola de les Illes Balears [A proposal of a linguistic model for schools in Balearic Islands] (1999),  together with Antoni Ignasi Alomar and La llengua catalana a Mallorca: propostes per a l’ús públic [Catalan in Mallorca: proposals for its public use] (1999), along with A.I. Alomar, G. Bibiloni and J. Corbera. He is an author of several chapters in collective books and of articles for specialized magazines as well as of diferent opinion articles about sociolinguistics for three years in Diari de Balears.

He is the coordinator of the Grup de Recerca Sociolingüística de les Illes Balears [Sociolinguistics Research Group of the Balearic Islands] (GRESIB) and Centre de Documentació en Sociolingüística de les Illes Balears [Documentation Centre in Sociolinguistics of the Balearic Islands] (CDSIB) and member of the network of research groups Coneixements, Representacions i Usos del Català [Knowledge, Representations and Catalan use] (CRUSCAT.)

In the field of language teaching, he is the author of Alfa: mètode d'autocorrecció gramatical assistida [Alpha: method of assisted grammatical self-correcting] (1995) and  Frases i texts: exercicis d'autocorrecció de llengua catalana [Sentences and texts: self-correcting exercises in Catalan] (1999), along with Jaume Corbera and Jaume Morey. He has also been the associate vice-chancellor of Linguistic Normalisation and the director of the Linguistic Services at the UIB, the academic coordinator of the refresher courses for professors and the general director of Language Policy of the the Balearic Islands Government (1999-2003).


PhD in Linguistics and a degree in English Philology inUniversity of Barcelona. He is a professor in the Linguistics Department in the University of Barcelona and the Humanities Department in the Ramon Llull University. He has also taught classes in the Journalism and Communication Science Department in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His research is located in a transversal line between the humanities and the field of communication and he has developed a research activity about time and language, and also from a socio-anthropological point of view in the postgraduate course of Cultural Heritage in the Ramon Llull University and the Institute of European Studies from UAB. He is also a member of the complexity, communication and sociolinguistics group from UB, and he has specialized in studies of African-American media musical culture.


PhD in Linguistics and Communication (University of Barcelona), graduated in General Linguistics and Philology by the University of Barcelona too. He has taught Catalan Studies (teaching assistant) at the University of Tartu, Estonia and the University of Oxford, UK. He was also a visiting researcher at the University of California, San Diego. His thesis Medium-sized Languages and International Languages​ in Contact in Catalonia and Estonia in the Glocal Stage, a Sociolinguistic Compared Studyexamines, from the point of view of language ideologies of speakers, the contact between these two types of languages from the complexity approach and analyzes the influence of the globalization elements in setting of the reference framework from which speakers interact. He is a member of the Catalan Sociolinguistics Association, the North American Catalan Society and the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies.



PhD in Catalan Philology in the University of Barcelona (1987) and graduated in Romance Philology in the University of Valencia (1982). He is professor of Linguistics in the Department of Catalan Philology and Communication in the University of Lleida. His doctoral thesis was about Catalan syntax and he has carried out his teaching and research career about discourse analysis and about the history of the sociolinguistic ideas. He has been researcher and visiting professor in the Université catholique de Louvain, in the Federico II University of Naples, in the University of California in Berkeley and in the University of Chicago. He has translated into Catalan Through the Looking Glass (1985) and The Hunting of the Snark (1999), which are written by Lewis Carroll, and Quaderns de notes by G. C. Lichtenberg (2012); he has been member of the International Pragmatics Association and of the International Society for Humor Studies. He is an author (and the translator) of the gathering of readings Aspectes del pensament sociolingüístic europeu (Barcelona, 1995), and the collected studies in Raons relatives (Lleida, 1997), as well as the essay Acròbates de l’emoció (Tarragona, 2004), about humor, sense and conversation. He also studies the philological ideas by the Neapolitan Giambattista Vico and he has published with Silvia Caianiello, from the Italian ISPF, Vico nella storia della filologia (Nàpols, 2004).

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