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'Complexics-13' Seminar

Seminars for transdisciplinarity

The seminar thirteen of the series Complexics, Complexics-13, was on 5th April 2017, at 16:30 h., in room 3.4 in Josep Carner building at the Universitat de Barcelona. This seminar included the following session:

- Language Policy in Canada and Spain (video)
By Kenneth McRoberts

Kenneth McRoberts is professor emeritus at the School of Public & International Affairs (York University, Toronto). In this talk, he will analyse language policies in terms of the underlying principles of personality versus territoriality and individual versus community rights. With respect to Canada, he will trace how Pierre Trudeau sought to put in place a language regime based on the personality principle and individual rights. He will then show how this vision of language policy has been compromised both by the pursuit of territoriality by the provinces, especially Quebec, and by the community emphasis of the official language minorities. Finally, he will explore how these competing principles have played out in Spain and discuss whether the territorial principle might be applied to the central state's own activities.

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