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'Complexics-0' Seminar


Seminars for transdisciplinarity

The preliminary seminar of the series Complexics was carried out on Monday, 20th January 2014, at 19:00., in Sala de professors [Professors' room] of the Faculty of Philology, UB (Aribau, 2). This seminar was the following:

- Seminar about "Survival of scientific concepts"
   By Robert Hristovski
   University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius
   Faculty of Physical Education
   Skopje, Macedonia


The cross-disciplinary concepts of complexity must be understood as principles that reflect how nature works. The aim of science is to use the minimum number of independent principles to explain as many phenomena as it is possible. There are a number of concepts that can be observed at all levels of organization of matter and, when we describe them, they have a very similar behavior at different levels.


Notice, for example, in instabilities, which usually produce mutations in the systems and which are the result of dynamic processes in any area of nature, of nuclear, atomic, cosmic, molecular and chemical instabilities, in life (cells, tissues, brain, proteins, DNA, RNA... ),in psycho-motor processes (actions, memories, thoughts, intentions, decisions ) in society. In the conference, some instabilities in these areas are illustrated with pictures and a graphic representation is made because we can appreciate the similarities and differences of them.