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'Complexics-8' Seminar


Seminars for transdisciplinarity

The eighth seminar of the series Complexics, Complexics-8, was on 2nd June 2016, at 18:00 h., in Sala de professors [Professors' room] in Josep Carner building at the Universitat de Barcelona. This seminar included the following session:

El multilingüisme des de la complexitat 
[Multilingualism from the complexity approach] 
  By Esperanza Morales López
  Professor at University of A Coruña

Esperanza Morales is a a Doctor in Romance Philology by the University of Barcelona (with a tesis in the area of Pragmatics). She is a full professor at the University of A Coruña where she teaches General Linguistics.


The goal of this seminar is to explain how multilingualism is understood from the complexics approach, contrasting it with different ideological constructions on multilingualism in recent decades.

An individual's language or languages "are" not in his or her mind (as the representational or computational model explain), but " emerge" from the various networks of interaction that this individual has had and continues to have throughout his or her life (a process called "Enaction").