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'Complexics-6' Seminar


Seminars for transdisciplinarity

The sixth seminar of the series Complexics, Complexics-6, "Muerte y vitalidad de las lenguas analizadas como ecología de presiones" [Death and vitality of the languages ​​analyzed as ecology of pressures], by Roland Terborg (UNAM), was hold on 8th, 15th and 22nd  June 2015, from 16:00 h. to 19:00 h., in room 3.6 from Josep Carner building at the Universitat de Barcelona. This seminar included the following sessions:

8th June 2015
1. Panorama histórico y desplazamiento de lenguas en México. Los procesos sociales desde la conquista.
    [Historical overview and displacement of languages in Mexico. Social processes since the conquest].
2. La situación actual en México. Puntos de vista sobre el desplazamiento (Schmidt/Dyirbal, Zimmermann, Hill,                                                     Grenoble, Edwards, Hamel,UNESCO, etc.)
    [The current situation in Mexico. Views on the displacement. (Schmidt/Dyirbal, Zimmermann, Hill,                                                                                Grenoble, Edwards, Hamel,UNESCO, etc.)]

th June 2015
1. Ecología de presiones como modelo de acción dentro del marco cognitivo y complejo.
    [Ecology of pressures as a model of action within the cognitive and complex framework]
2. Competencia, facilidad compartida.
    [Competence, shared ability]

 June de 2015
1. Los estudios realizados con el equipo
    [Studies conducted with the team]
2. Análisis de presiones que causan el desplazamiento
    [Analisis of the pressures that cause the displacement]

The attendance is public and free and ICE recognition if you are registered before 24th June through the following links:

  • In any other case and when the certificate of attendance is needed, you can write an e-mail to cusc@ub.edu with your personal data (name and surname, ID number and the sessions that you have been attended).


This activity has been supported by the Office of Mobility and International Programs at UB.