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'Complexics-5' Seminar


Seminars for transdisciplinarity

The fifth seminar of the series Complexics was carried on Thursday, 19th March 2015, at 18 h., in Sala de professors [Professors' room] in the Faculty of Philology, UB (Aribau, 2). This seminar was divided into two parts:

Presentation of the book Complèxica. Cervell, societat i llengua des de la transdisciplinarietat [Complexics. Brain, society and language from transdisciplinariety], coordinated by Àngels Massip Bonet and Albert Bastardas Boada (Publicacions i Edicions de la UB). (video)

Round table: «Cognició, comunicació i comportament social en els humans: quins camins per a avançar complèxicament?» [Cognition, communication and social behavior in humans: what are the paths 
to progress in a complex way?], by Frederic Munné (social Psychology, UB); Sebastià Serrano (general Linguistics and Communication, UB); Òscar Vilarroya (cognitive neuroscience, UAB).

Summary of the seminar:
The phenomena produced around the triangle ' language - communication- society ' have unique characteristics that challenge traditional scientific approaches and the most formalized of complex systems. How would it be possible to conceive and define a different kind of events, typical of the organisms and human societies, which can not be easily encoded or encapsulated by a mathematical formalism? Where and how can we move forward to deepen their transdisciplinary understanding?