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'Complexics-11' Seminar


Seminars for transdisciplinarity

The eleventh seminar of the series Complexics, Complexics-11, was on 9th March 2017, at 17:30 h., in Sala de professors in Josep Carner building at the Universitat de Barcelona. This seminar included the following session:

- Filòlegs i exploradors: reflexions al llarg d'un itinerari de recerca [Philologists and explorers: Reflections along a research itinerary] (video)   

By Vicent Salvador

Professor Catalan Philology

University Jaume I in Castellón

Vicent Salvador is a professor of Catalan Philology at the University Jaume I of Castellón. He has worked on contemporary literature, pragmastylistics and discourse analysis (literary, medical, informational and political, among others). Some of his recent publications are: 

“Metaphor and style in Catalan”, dins: Lluís Payrató & Josep M. Cots (eds.), The Pragmatics of Catalan, Berlin/Boston: Walter De Gruyter, 2011

L’ull despert. Anàlisi crítica dels discursos d’avui, València: Tres i Quatre, 2012

Figures i esbossos. Estudis sobre literatura valenciana contemporània, Alacant: Gil Albert, 2013

“The clinical case report as a discourse genre in the context of professional training”, dins N. Edo & P. Ordóñez (eds.), New insights into the analysis of medical discourse in professional, academic and popular settings, Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2016

“Identitat i perifèries urbanes: el barri valencià del Cabanyal”, eHumanista IVITRA, in press.


The term "philology" may seem hyperspecialized today, outdated and lacking in appeal for young but it is not obviously negotiable as academic sign. On the other hand, it can be interpreted in a broad sense as a container or area of ​​knowledge that allows them to integrate diverse knowledge and incorporates strict linguistics, the study of their peripheries, among them there are the literary and cultural dimensions, with an interdisciplinary approach in the field of social communication. 

From this perspective, the concept of philology is no stranger to the gaze of the intellectual explorer who wants to tread newterritories, banned by professional prejudices or inertia of specialists. The testimony of a personal itinerary research with anecdotes of the epistemological travel may be useful for collective reflection on the boundaries of language sciences.