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A Human Being Called Language. Complexity and Words

Course in Cosmocaixa (Barcelona, 2009)

Letters make words, words make sentences, sentences make paragraphs, paragraphs make speeches or conversations, conferences and books among others. All this is communication and emotions. In this world, a lot of intricate similar networks can be found in the organisms, ecosystems and human artefacts such as Internet. One of the objectives of this course is studying the language from the point of view of the complex phenomena and in relation to other fields of study.

Àngels Massip
Enric Puig
Xavier Martorell


Wednesday, 11th February

Presentation by Jorge Wagensberg, director "Environment and Science of the Foundation "La Caixa"

Title: Llengua i llenguatges: del codi al significat. [Language and languages: from the code to the meaning]

Speakers: Àngels Massip, Professor of Catalan Linguistics, UB. Responsible for CUSC’s activities.
                         Enric Puig, PhD in Linguistics. Professor in the Department of Basic Psychology in UAB

Monday, 16th February

Title: Sociolingüística: per una mirada complexa. [Sociolinguistics: for a complex point of view]

Speaker: Albert Bastardas

Professor in the Department of General Linguistics, UB.                                              Former Director from CUSC (University Centre for Sociolinguistics and Communication).

Wednesday, 18th February

Title: La conversa com a funció emergent. [The conversation as an emerging function]

Speaker: Xavier Martorell

Professor in the Department of Psychology of Education, UAB.


Monday, 23rd  February

Title: Mot, informació i coneixement. [Word, Information and Knowledge]

Speaker: Òscar Vilarroya

Director of the Group of Research in Cognitive Neuroscience in UAB.


Wednesday, 25th February

Title: Educació, emoció, complexitat. [Education, Emotion, Complexity]

Speaker: Pere Darder

Professor Emeritus from UAB                                                                                                                                 

President of the School Council in Catalonia


Friday, 27th February

Title: Xarxes complexes [Complex Networks]

Speaker: Ricard Solé

 ICREA - Complex Systems
 LAB BCN & Santa Fe Institute (USA)

Monday, 2nd March

Title: Del paradigma a la formulació: ciència i música. [From the Paradigm to the Formulation: Science and Music]

Speaker: Francesc Cortés

Professor of History of Music in twentieth century

Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya [Higher School of Music of Catalonia]


Wednesday, 4th March

Title: Fer front a la complexitat: Predir vs. Adaptar [Deal with Complexity : Predict vs. Adapt]

Speaker: Carlos Gershenson

Researcher of the Free University of Brussels and the Institute of Complex Systems in New England.

Monday , 16th March

Title: Ètica i progrés en el món actual

Federico Mayor Zaragoza.

President of the Fundation for a Culture of Peace

Wednesday, 18th March

Round table with Àngels Massip and Xavier Martorell