'Complexics-16' Seminar

Seminars for transdisciplinarity

The first part of the sixteenth seminar of the series Complexics, Complexics-15, was on 1st March 2018, at 18:00 h., in Sala de Graus, at Faculty of Philology, at the Universitat de Barcelona. The second part was on Thursday, 31st May, at 16:30 h.,in Sala de professors (Faculty of Philology, Universitat de Barcelona). This seminar included the following session:

Repensar les ciències socioculturals a partir de Darwin (teoria de l’evolució) [Rethink sociocultural sciences from Darwin (evolution theory)]
by Josep Maria Masjuan

Josep Maria Masjuan has been a professor at the Rosa Sensat School of Teachers (1966-1974), where he is still a collaborator, sociology professor at the UAB (1975-2010) and cofounder of GRET (research group in Education and Work). He taught the Sociology of Education at the School of Teachers Sant Cugat of the UAB since 1975 - later Faculty of Education Sciences - and also at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, where he was director of the Department of Sociology.

- Summary of the seminar
J. M. Masjuan will talk about the biological bases of competition, cooperation and communication between human beings. It will start with questions related to the process of individual socialization. Then the relationship between biology, culture and society will be considered, from a Darwinian perspective, since human groups and societies obviously evolve over time. We will also explain the concept of epigenetics ('beyond genetics') applied sociologically. The environment and the history of the individual influence the expression of genes, and acquired social characters are transmitted from one generation to the next and can reverse gene expression.

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